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Long gone are the days of John Eggins, Titi Gabi, Sophia Magi, Jerry Ginua presenting the best TV news in Papua New Guinea. Now we have Turaho Morea and Antonia Singut doing the honors and doing it very very well indeed. EMTV news has been the longest Television news in the country and the only one until 2008 when Kundu2 was launched with a daily dose of news. But as always, the best will succumb every now and then to criticisms and I'm giving one to EMTV News right now.

General News

For me, EMTV news is seriously losing its audience, if there was a survey done, we'll probably truly know. But I will more or less tell you why this maybe so and why the news is seriously not keeping up with its only competition, Kundu2 News.

The general news gathering has more or less been up to the standard until recently. Now we have news stories which are out of date, run too long, misunderstood and show the wrong pictures. Why is that, well here are some reasons to help you answer your questions on EMTV news.

Newsroom Experience

Every news outlet depends heavily on the experienced journalist or reporter in the newsroom. For EMTV they are lacking that. All the experienced journalists have moved on to greener pastures and thus the inexperience newsroom at EMTV. Experience I mean at least 5 to 10 to even longer years at the helm of mainstream TV journalism. At the EMTV newsroom right now, we have recently graduated journalists running the show. Even some of the news editors there are too young or should I say inexperience. So EMTV must find a way to keep their current batch of journalist together for maybe the next 5 to 10 years. This will only improve the way news is written and researched at EMTV.


Inexperience leads to a lot of downfalls and one of them is presentation skills. Many of the reporters lack the voice control (voice pitch, pronunciation, pace etc...). Many fail to stress the single most important word in a paragraph which will give importance to the story. Monotonous or voice pitch presentation is present and this can only happen if these reporters were not trained on how best to use their voices. Its boring to actually hear Ruth Rangula, reading at the same pace and monotonously. Even though there is excitement there its still monotonously boring.

Pace of the presentation is the biggest problem. Apart from Turaho Morea and Ms Singut plus others, the pace as to which the stories are read are sooo fast. I touched on this in my earlier post, that Sophia Yaruso is reading the sports news too fast. Mate take your time and read the paragraph with intent and not because you're reading it to keep up with the time. These reporters must slow down when reporting or presenting, it helps us the audience to understand and grasp the information you are trying to relay to us.

News length

With an inexperience news team comes a lot of problems and the biggest task ahead for EMTV reporters is that with their little experience, they now have to supply stories for an hour long news bulletin. That's just crazy for mine, and ruins the whole importance of disseminating information to the audience.

I don't think EMTV news should be 1 hour, it should return back to the half an hour time slot. Why? because the current bulletin is not news its all over the place. I mean I have noted and seen some stories where, there is no actual reporting but just a 30 second or 1 minute insert of someone is that news??? will we know what this person is actually talking about?? The other obvious one is that there are more international stories that local content. We want to know about news of or about PNG not overseas...there should be a segment for that but not a whole bulletin.

The news is dragged on and on and on...with the reporters repeating themselves, and present two different stories with the same meaning just to buy time. What is the news editor doing??? Get it right already if not return to the half an hour slot. Just imagine this, the Finance news or business segment comes at the half and hour point...what happened to the end of the news. Stories are all over the place, and the lead story of the bulletin is more or less run in between.

News Quality

HONESTLY speaking, EMTV news quality has dropped so bad, the quality is below that of rival Kundu2 news. We can't even see the faces of people interviewed anymore? We get the wrong names to the wrong faces. We get stories that don't match the footage. The sound is very poor and so fort. What is going on?????

That all comes back to the importance of having an experience newsroom equipped with experienced editors. Now remember EMTV lacks that right now.


We want to know what is happening around the country and not only in Port Moresby or Lae! We want to know what all 109 members of Parliament are doing not only a handful that utilize the media effectively. Be like Kundu2 and cover or try to cover the whole of PNG.

I can go on and on but I will stop here as I might go over the line!

With that, thanks and if you have any comments you can get me on email; 
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